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[Japan import, brand new] Zojirushi warm mist humidifier



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[Japan import, brand new] Zojirushi warm mist humidifier

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I bought this warm mist humidifier for alleviating my sinus and allergy symptoms. It uses boiling hot water to create steam and is the best humidifier I have ever purchased. Really it’s the perfect product. I accidentally ordered two from Japan and cannot return the unopened one. I have searched for a similar product in the US but have been unable to find anything comparable. few at eBay but there are over $300. I paid $260 with international shipping.

for more info :
Elephant Seal Steam Humidifier EE – rn50 – WA White Wooden 6 Tatami Vapour 10 SQ FT (link hidden according to Karrot's Operational Policy)

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